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The Blue Yeti is broadly advised to be one of the best USB microphones in the market. One of the things that makes it a admired of anybody alive with audio is that it is an accomplished microphone out of the box. The moment you bung it into your computer, it will be able to board you brittle and bright professional-quality audio.

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Wood desk organizer – Ash wood desk tray | computer table accessories

One of the capital affidavit why it’s a admired is its versatility. It is a microphone that you can use for aloof about annihilation as continued as it has got article to do with complete recording. Some accessories accept their own specialties, while the Blue Yeti does them all excellently.

It is a admired of podcast and video producers, gamers, voiceover actors, and alike singers. Brace it with its plug-and-play capabilities, and it is adamantine to see why you would accept annihilation else.

The Blue Yeti, as accomplished as it is of a microphone, does accept a chink in its armor. The acceptable account is that it is not recording affection related. It adeptness assume like the manufacturers accept focused all of their assets on authoritative the best microphone that they accept appeared to apathy the congenital stand.

The bend that the Blue Yeti comes in is artlessly too short. It sits low on the table, and users are experiencing a adamantine time speaking into it aback your aperture needs to be as abutting to the microphone as accessible to get the best results. If the bend is too low, it agency that you will accept to angular bottomward to get the best affection recording. The below attributes of the bend additionally agency it is abutting to the desktop, and it picks up aloof about anything, including keyboard and abrasion clicks ruining the all-embracing complete quality.

Addressing this affair is simple, you aloof abandon the use of the congenital mic stand, and this is area accessories appear in. As with added agnate devices, to get the best out of your Yeti, you will charge to get some accessories to addition the aerial affection it already produces. These are not appropriate purchases to adore your microphone, but they are absolutely action to acquiesce you to get the best out of it.

Since the accepted mic bend that your Blue Yeti comes with is so low, it is recommended that you get an alternative. One of those is a microphone bang arm. This allows you to position your microphone anywhere you want. Attaching your Yeti to the end of this accent will abate all the downsides of its congenital stand.

Here are some of the advantages of accepting a microphone bang arm for your Blue Yeti:

Retail Price: $99

The Blue Compass advertisement bang is a aberrant desktop arm for microphones such as the Blue Yeti and Blue Yeti Pro. It is accordant with a lot of added microphones as continued as the weight clocks in at beneath 2.4 pounds. This can abutment the mic and all its added accessories like shock mounts and pop filters for bigger affection audio.

At aboriginal glimpse, you will instantly apprehension the premium-grade architecture of the Blue Compass bang arm. Its all-tube architecture makes it failing and athletic at the aforementioned time. All its springs are centralized and hidden from view, so if you like to appearance off your bureaucracy on stream, one will apprehension any of those cruddy parts. The aforementioned goes for its cable administration arrangement that’s additionally out of sight.

The Compass uses a C-clamp to attach it to your desk, it is able-bodied and doesn’t budge easily. Clamping it bottomward gives you the abandon to move your microphone about and alike circle it 360 degrees.

One aberration amid the Compass and added bang accoutrements is that this one is advised to go on-screen. You can affection it advanced and centermost to wow your audience. You can use this on aloof about any application, but it works abundantly able-bodied whether you are bold alive on Twitch or YouTube, podcasting, voiceovers, or broadcasting.

The Blue Compass is absolutely a aberrant advertisement bang arm that you will not alternate to appearance on the air. Its glassy design, accompanying with able systems, makes it one of the best microphone accoutrements for your added Blue microphones.

Our Rating: 5/5

Retail Price: $93

The Rode PSA1 is a able flat bang arm for use in radio, broadcast, or home use. It is a able allotment of accessories that can handle a lot of microphones, best conspicuously the Blue Yeti. The PSA1 is a athletic arm that can abutment microphones of up to 2.4 pounds. With the Blue Yeti belief 1.2 pounds, the PSA1 is the absolute bang arm to use aback you can bound add added accessories such as shock mounts and pop filters.

As a bang arm, you appetite it to accept a acceptable amplitude so you can position your microphone anywhere about your assignment station. The PSA1 can be continued angular up to 33 inches and 32 inches angular from its base. It is advised to be adjustable so you can circle it a abounding 360 degrees. This adaptability gives you added abandon to area you appetite to position your Yeti so you can be as adequate as you appetite in your sessions.

The arm can be army both ways, either with a board catch or desk-insert attachments. It gives you a best on how you appetite to install it. It is a able bang arm bend that will abutment your Yeti afterwards any agitation at all.

The Rode PSA1 is an accent that you will absolutely appetite to accede for your Blue Yeti. Compatibility is not an affair as you can install your microphone into the bang arm with all the added accessories you accept in minutes.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Retail Price: $109

The Heil Complete PL-2T aerial advertisement bang is addition arm that is accordant with the Blue Yeti out of the box. It uses centralized springs to accord the absolute accession the absolute balance, this gives your desktop a abundant cleaner, added able look.

The PL-2T supports heftier microphones such as the Blue Yeti calmly as it has a bulk accommodation of 3.5 pounds. This gives you a lot of jerk allowance aback it comes to installing added accessories for your microphone.

One big aberration amid this bang arm and the Rode PSA1 is that you can adumbrate the microphone cables aural the anatomy of the PL-2T. All you charge to do is abolish the top and aback plates so you can cilia the cable central the boom. No added cruddy affairs on your desktop. This comes in accessible if you are a banderole and appetite to accumulate your desktop tidy at all times.

Attaching the bang arm to your board is quick and aboveboard as it comes with a accepted C-clamp arise so you can alpha appliance it in account afterwards you ameliorate it. The PL-2T is absolutely accordant with the Blue Yeti and its shock mounts, acceptation you do not charge annihilation abroad to get aggregate anchored and secure.

The Heil Complete PL-2T is absolutely an addition to the Rode PSA1 if you are attractive for a professional-level audio recording installation.

Our Rating: 5/5

Retail Price: $19

If you are attractive for a account but reliable option, it is time to accede the Eastshining adjustable microphone abeyance bang arm. It comes with solid springs but is calmly adjustable so you can set it to a position that is adequate for you.

A absolutely air-conditioned admittance of this amalgamation is that it comes with its own shock mount, which you can alter with a altered one if you desire. However, with the arise it comes with, you can artlessly acclimatize it to fit altered kinds of microphones including your Blue Yeti.

The bang arm comes with its own table catch that you can bound attach to any board that is up to 2.15 inches thick. You will not charge any added accoutrement to install this, aloof blow it in and bind the clamp, and you are acceptable to go.

The Eastshining is appealing adjustable with its 14.5-inch adjustable arms, you can extend it by up to 27.6 inches angular and vertically. Accompanying with the articulation mount, this will accord you the action you charge to abuse your microphone to a adequate position.

Eastshining’s microphone bang arm is assuredly on the affordable side. Do not let that fool you though, as it charcoal an accomplished addition if you cannot acquiesce to get added aberrant options like the Blue Compass or the Rode PSA1. It charcoal a appropriate best and one that you can use on any project, including alive bold streaming, video recording, voiceovers, and broadcasting.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

The big downside of the Blue Yeti is its congenital stand. Desktop microphone stands calmly breach that, agnate to bang arms. The capital aberration amid the two is that the stands are decidedly added affordable. They acquiesce you accomplished microphone adjustment and the adequacy to add a shock arise for bigger audio quality. Although board stands will not board you the adaptability of bang arms, they accomplish analogously at a atom of the cost.

Here are some of the allowances you will get aback you arise your Blue Yeti on a desktop microphone stand:

Retail Price: $35

The Gator Frameworks microphone bend is abbreviate with a abounding abject to amend a abundant bulk at the end like a Blue Yeti. It is a able bend that you can use on aloof about any audio action that you will undertake.

Even admitting it is short, you will be able to acclimatize the acme to about 23 inches aloft your desktop, and this should be abundant to arise your Blue Yeti. You will be able to position it abutting to your aperture acknowledgment to its 16-inch distinct area bang arm. The bend comes with cable administration clips and a vibration-reducing gasket, so none of the board babble is best up by your microphone. This can be added alone by installing a shock arise to abstract your Yeti totally.

Although we did focus on the Blue Yeti, the Gator Frameworks bend can board added microphone brands and models as well. It is assuredly an accomplished addition to bang accoutrements if you are not yet absolutely committed to that akin of technology.

Innova U-shaped desk with accessories in White and Antigua

Innova U-shaped desk with accessories in White and Antigua | computer table accessories

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Retail Price: $24

The Samson MB1 is initially advised for apostle cabinets and bang sets, but this low contour allows it to be the absolute desktop microphone to bend area you can fit your Blue Yeti to. The bend can be adapted amid 16 to 21 inches from the attic to the arm. This comes in accessible to acquisition the absolute position for your microphone. The bang additionally extends to amid 15 and 28 inches, giving you added adaptability in agreement of placement.

The MB1 does not accept a antithesis for acclimation purposes. This could appear in accessible aback the Blue Yeti is absolutely a ample microphone. Attach a brace of added accessories to it, and afterwards able balance, your absolute bureaucracy adeptness tip over. Although it makes up for it with its affection architecture and able finish.

The Samson MB1 is an accomplished desktop microphone bend for your home studio. You can use this for any blazon of audio action like bold streaming, podcasting, and recording voiceovers. Absolutely an accent account because for your Blue Yeti.

Our Rating: 4/5

Retail Price: $16

The On-Stage adjustable desktop microphone bend is a allotment of abundant accessories to alpha off your YouTube or podcasting career. It has aggregate you appetite in a bend except for the cost. It is affordable and can absolutely handle a few altered microphone options like the Blue Yeti. It does appear with a 2-pound antithesis as its abject so the antithesis should not be abundant of an issue.

One of the best notable things about the On-Stage microphone bend is its bunched footprint. It does not booty up a lot of space. It does not backpack a accumbent boom, though, so that banned its versatility in agreement of optimum microphone placement.

The On-Stage microphone bend is absolutely a abundant amateur bend to get your anxiety wet in audio broadcasting. Whether you are recording for a podcast, alive streaming, or accomplishing voiceovers for your YouTube video, it is article account considering. It is apparently not the continued appellation band-aid you are attractive for, but as a start, it is a bureaucracy you appetite to analysis out.

Our Rating: 3.5/5

The Blue Yeti is an accomplished microphone for a aggregation of audio activities, and the affair that makes it abundant is its aces up sensitivity. It picks up the aboriginal vibrations, and it is because of this that you charge to get a shock arise for your microphone. Little curtains on the bend or bang arm or alike abrasion and keyboard clicks can be calmly best up and heard by your audience.

The action of the shock arise is to essentially abstract your microphone from all types of accordance that can biking up the bend or bang arm. It dampens them, so you get apple-pie and brittle audio from your advised source.

Here are some of the advantages you will be able to adore aback you install a shock arise for your Blue Yeti:

Retail Price: $84

The Blue Radius III is a custom shock arise advised for the Yeti and Yeti Pro models. It is fabricated by the aforementioned manufacturers as that of the microphone, so you can acquaint that they apperceive what it needs in agreement of beating dampening. On top of that, it is designed, so it looks acceptable aback you appearance it alive whenever you are streaming.

The arise is additionally almost ablaze aback compared ancillary by ancillary with others. This helps in authoritative abiding that bang accoutrements and stands can abutment this on top of the weight of your Blue Yeti and added attachments.

If you appetite to booty your recording and alive to the abutting level, the Blue Radius III is the absolute accent so you can get the best out of your set up. You will absolutely accept a bigger complete affection and beneath hours alive on your bond software to get rid of exceptionable babble that the arise can calmly booty affliction of.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Retail Price: $69

The Blue Radius II is an earlier abundance of the Radius III but still holds up able-bodied compared to added shock mounts in the market. The capital aberration amid the two is that the Radius II is decidedly heavier, so accomplish abiding that your bang arm or bend can abutment it and the Yeti.

In agreement of performance, they are absolutely agnate in convalescent the all-embracing complete affection that you will aftermath with your Blue Yeti. It isolates it from the blow of your gear, so it does not aces up any exceptionable noises due to accordance you accomplish on your desk. It will not absolutely annihilate keyboard and abrasion clicks, but it will decidedly lower them by giving you added time to aftermath agreeable rather than editing.

Shock mounts tend to be a little adamant aback absorbed with your microphone, but with the Radius II’s bigger hinge, you can bound accomplish accession flexibility. Brace it with a affection bang arm or stand, you can reposition the set up anytime to area you are comfortable.

The Blue Radius II can be advised an earlier model, but its achievement still holds up to added agnate mounts. You can almanac and beck with confidence, alive that your audio rig will be able to accord your admirers a bland and buttery complete every time.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Retail Price: $25

If you are attractive for a arise that is alfresco of the Blue ancestors of products, again the Auphonix Silver shock arise is one that you will appetite to consider. It is absolutely accordant with the Yeti and the Yeti Pro, so you do not absolutely accept to attending far for a affection arise for your microphone.

The Auphonix Silver is fabricated appliance failing aluminum and is advised in a way that reduces its beheld footprint. It is bunched and will not booty up a lot of amplitude aback included in your video. It is additionally decidedly lighter so you will not accept a botheration installing this on bang arms.

If you are on a account and still appetite a shock arise that will abolish beating noises, again the Auphonix Silver is assuredly article you appetite to analysis out. It will get the job done and accord you above complete affection at a atom of the price.

Our Rating: 4/5

Retail Price: $19

Another affection accent that you can get that will not breach the coffer is the Knox Accent Blue Yeti shock mount. It is an accomplished best if you are podcasting at home or alike in a able studio. The arise is advised accurately for the Yeti and the Yeti Pro and can be absorbed to best bang arms.

The Knox Accent shock arise is fabricated of aluminum with aerial astriction adaptable cords that advice abstract your microphone from aggregate it attaches to. This allows the arise to blot a cogent bulk of accordance so your Yeti can alone almanac your aboriginal voice. The accurate affection of this arise is that you can acclimatize the bend so you can calmly position your absolute rig.

It is decidedly added affordable than added options out there and provides optimum beating black features. The Knox Accent shock arise will absolutely get the job done and bear accomplished audio quality, whether you are in a home or able flat setting.

Our Rating: 4/5

In audio recordings, there is alone so abundant you can do with column processing. Acrid accordant sounds like “P,” and “B” are sometimes so atomic that they ruin the absolute recording. It is appropriately acid in alive sessions aback you will accept no way to abstain it. There is an accent that will advice you ascendancy that sound, so it comes out adorable to your audience’s ears.

This is area windscreens and pop filters appear into the picture. They are decidedly advantageous aback you brace them with acute microphones such as the Blue Yeti aback they can accomplish aboriginal complete afterwards the annoying pops. These accessories are additionally accessible to annihilate whooshing sounds from nasal consonants like “M” and “N” sounds.

Here are some of the best capital affidavit why you charge a windscreen or a pop clarify for your Blue Yeti:

Neutral colors. Enhance your workspace with Rosewoods high ...

Neutral colors. Enhance your workspace with Rosewoods high … | computer table accessories

Retail Price: $58The Pop is Blue Microphone’s booty on what a pop clarify should be like. It does not attending like your accepted clarify aback it is not shaped or fabricated to agnate filters that are annular with a nylon bolt mesh. This one looks like a angled rectangle, and the cobweb itself is fabricated of metal wires.

The affection of The Pop clarify is best absolutely top class, and this is due to its able-bodied architecture and all-embracing ascendancy of accent plosives. The awning can decidedly abate the ancestor yet still acquiesce the complete to bear and adeptness the microphone clearly.

One affair to attending out for with The Pop is that aback it is fabricated of metal, it can add cogent weight to your set up. Some bang accoutrements may not be able to abutment the weight of the Yeti, The Pop, and a shock mount.

It abiding looks a lot altered than added accepted filters in the market. Blue Microphone’s The Pop does accord that best vibe. Visually, it pairs beautifully with the Yeti and performs to expectation.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Retail Price: $29

Most pop filters are fabricated to attach to the bang arm, so aback you do not accept that set up yet, you will not be able to use them. The Auphonix microphone pop clarify is advised to attach to the Blue Yeti’s congenital bend via a clamp. You can artlessly adhere it afterwards abhorrence of ruining your microphone. You can alike catch it to your table as continued as it gets abutting abundant to your microphone.

It uses a bifold awning mesh, so it filters all the acrid plosives and ancestor afterwards blurred the affection of your voice. It will do its job and accord you the best audio results, extenuative you time charwoman it up after on.

The Auphonix microphone pop clarify is absolutely a able allotment of accent that you can use on a lot of brands, abnormally the Yeti. The catch and its adaptability accord you a lot of abandon so you can position it whichever you like.

Our Rating: 5/5

Retail Price: $12

Foam windscreens are an addition to your accepted annular cobweb pop filter. It does a agnate job clarification and abbreviation out all those acrid sounds so your articulation will complete adorable to your audience. On top of that, it reduces exceptionable accomplishments babble so that they don’t adeptness your microphone and ultimately into your recording.

Vocalbeat’s able cream windscreen for the Blue Yeti is article account considering. It is accurately advised to fit the Yeti and the Yeti Pro and is accordant with added microphone models as well.

The advantage of cream windscreens such as this one from Vocalbeat over accepted cobweb pop filters is that it is a lot easier to get on your microphone. All you charge to do is acclaim install it by applying force from the top so you will not accidentally rip the cream apart.

Also, this cream windscreen is accomplished aback you set your Yeti to an omnidirectional analeptic arrangement as it will be able to clarify exceptionable sounds from all around. It additionally protects your microphone from damp accident aback you allege into it.

The Vocalbeat cream windscreen is able of bearing absolute audio afterwards the exceptionable bustling sounds. This accent is decidedly advantageous aback you are recording an account with alone one microphone.

Our Rating: 4/5

Retail Price: $9

Among the altered types of Blue Yeti accessories, we accept consistently provided you with a affection account option. The InnoGear pop clarify is absolutely this – a affection clip-on absorber that will accord you accomplished after-effects at a atom of the cost.

The InnoGear pop clarify is a bifold layer, annular pop clarify and windscreen that you can calmly attach to bang accoutrements and stands. It is composed of two layers of nylon fabric, abundant like added filters in the market. The aboriginal band slows bottomward fast affective air, this eliminates best of the affricate sounds and the additional band helps banish the air, so your articulation hits the microphone cautiously and still comes out brittle and pristine.

The absolute clarify is mainly fabricated up of fabric, abbreviation its weight so you will not accept agitation installing this on any bang accoutrements or stands aback they will be able to abutment the added weight. Alike admitting it is a account advantage at a allocation of the bulk of added filters, it will absolutely advance your recording capabilities.

Our Rating: 4/5

One affection of the Blue Yeti that is generally disregarded is its portability. It is a baby microphone that is arranged with appearance and is able to board you with outstanding complete quality. If you both charge a able and home flat and await on the Yeti for your audio needs, you can absolutely alive on aloof accepting one and traveling with your microphone. You will assuredly charge a athletic accustomed case so you can calmly carriage your hardware.

A case is additionally an accomplished advance aback you adulation to biking and still charge your Yeti by your ancillary at all times. Whatever the case may be, you adeptness artlessly appetite to abundance your microphone and accumulate it abroad from as abundant dust and damp as possible, again you will appetite to get a able affection alembic to authority it and its added attachments.

Here are some of the advantages of why you should get a high-quality accustomed case for your Blue Yeti microphone:

Retail Price: $36

The Khanka Accustomed Bag for your Blue Yeti is a perfectly-sized case area you will be able to fit the microphone and added accessories. You can calmly abundance your pop clarify and shock mounts calm with your microphone, so aback you get to your destination, you artlessly ameliorate everything, put them together, and alpha recording.

The bag has a bendable autogenous to accumulate your microphone and accessories safe and protected. You can calmly backpack the bag, alike beat it around, and be abiding that annihilation will appear to your adored cargo. The backpack additionally comes with a cobweb pocket, and that is the absolute atom to accelerate in your pop filter.

A duke band is additionally provided so you can backpack the bag with all its capacity with ease. Opening and closing, it alone takes a quick zip, and you are action to accept admission to what is central the case.

The Khanka accustomed bag is a acceptable way to put your Blue Yeti and all its accessories in one place. This bag is accessible if you biking a lot and charge to backpack your microphone with you.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Retail Price: $17

The Caseling Adamantine Case Bag for the Blue Yeti is a case that can altogether board your microphone. It is appreciably abate than the Khanka, and will not fit all of your accessories, but it can absolutely booty your microphone to abode safely.

The case is water-resistant, shockproof, and dust-proof to assure your accent in accumulator or as you travel. It has a adequate anchor handle so you can bound aces up the bag and backpack your microphone with you wherever you go.

The autogenous is bedlam to accomplish abiding that your microphone will not hit the walls and accumulate it safe and adequate at all times. It additionally has a baby cobweb abridged that you can use to abundance baby accessories like affairs and connectors.

The Caseling Adamantine Case Bag is added ill-fitted to autumn your microphone because of its adeptness to accumulate dust and baptize out. However, it is baby abundant that if you do not charge to backpack accessories like a pop clarify or a shock mount, you can get abroad with appliance this bag.

Our Rating: 3.5/5

The Blue Yeti is absolutely a curiosity of a microphone. The appearance that are arranged into its baby anatomy are absolutely exceptional. A microphone of that admeasurement should not be able to aftermath bright and adorable audio, but it does. It is decidedly accomplished aback it comes to recording voices.

There is no catechism that on its own, the Yeti is an outstanding device. As with best equipment, there is still allowance for improvement, and you can booty aggregate to the abutting akin by appliance accessories that added boosts the affection of your audio projects.

These accessories accomplish your activity decidedly added adequate as it will abate the bulk of time you will absorb on your alteration software to abolish the imperfections. Accessories such as shock mounts and pop filters will get rid of all those for you.

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Other accessories such as the bang arm and microphone bend annihilate one of the Yeti’s primary weaknesses, its congenital base. These accessories, aback put to assignment calm with the Yeti, can aftermath able akin audio alike for the home user.

Computer Table Accessories – computer table accessories
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