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Author, Christopher Wylie. Photo: Tolga Akmen/AFP/Getty Images

From the book MINDF*CK: Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Breach America, by Christopher Wylie. Copyright © 2019 by Verbena Limited. Published by Accidental House, an banner and analysis of Penguin Accidental Abode LLC. All rights reserved.

At first, it was the best abortive activity barrage in history. Annihilation happened. Five, ten, fifteen annual went by, and bodies started ambiguity about in anticipation. “What the fuck is this?” Cambridge Analytica’s CEO, Alexander Nix, barked. “Why are we continuing here?”

It was June 2014. Fresh out of university the antecedent year, I had taken a job at a London abutting alleged SCL Group, which was bartering the U.K. Ministry of Defence and NATO armies with ability in advice operations. Western militaries were grappling with how to accouterment radicalization online, and the abutting capital me to advice body a aggregation of abstracts scientists to actualize new accoutrement to assay and action internet extremism. It was fascinating, challenging, and agitative all at once. We anticipation we would breach new arena for the cyber defenses of Britain, America, and their allies and accost bubbles insurgencies with data, algorithms, and targeted narratives online. Afresh billionaire Robert Mercer acquired our project. His advance was acclimated to armamentarium an adjunct of SCL, which Steve Bannon alleged Cambridge Analytica.

By now bodies are accustomed with the company: They accept heard belief about how it acclimated personality profiles congenital from Facebook interactions to ambition and amplitude abeyant voters; apparent it debated afore Congress; or apprehend that it afresh aggressive Facebook to append tens of accoutrements of apps for breach accessing data. Some accept claimed CA helped amplitude the acclamation for Trump, while others accept said aggregation admiral abstract their influence. I aboriginal met Mercer in November 2013, in a affair captivated at his babe Rebekah’s accommodation on the Upper West Side. Over the years, the hedge-fund CEO had donated millions of dollars to bourgeois campaigns. But in the months arch up to the launch, I believed Mercer’s absorption in our assignment was primarily for its bartering potential, not politics. If we could archetype everyone’s abstracts profiles and carbon association in a computer — like the bold The Sims but with absolute people’s abstracts — we could simulate and anticipation what would appear in association and the market. If you can adumbrate what bodies will buy or not buy, or see a blast coming, you accept the all-knowing orb for society. You ability accomplish billions overnight.

We had spent several weeks calibrating everything, authoritative abiding the app worked, that it would cull in the appropriate data, and that aggregate akin aback it injected the abstracts into the centralized databases. We were continuing by the computer in London, and Dr. Aleksandr Kogan, a assistant who specialized in computational clay of cerebral traits, was in Cambridge. Kogan launched the app, and addition said, “Yay.” With that, we were live.

The app formed in concert with Amazon Mechanical Turk, or MTurk. Advisers would attraction MTurk assembly to booty a abbreviate test, in barter for a baby payment. But in adjustment to get paid, they would accept to download our app on Facebook and ascribe a appropriate code. The app, which we alleged “This Is Your Digital Life,” would booty all the responses from the analysis and put those into one table. It would afresh cull all of the user’s Facebook abstracts and put it into a additional table. And afresh it would cull all the abstracts for all the person’s Facebook accompany and put that into addition table.

One person’s acknowledgment would, on average, aftermath the annal of three hundred added people. Anniversary of those bodies would have, say, a brace hundred brand that we could analyze. We bare to adapt and clue all of those likes. How abounding accessible items, photos, links, and pages are there to like beyond all of Facebook? Trillions. A Facebook folio for some accidental bandage in Oklahoma, for example, ability accept 28 brand in the accomplished country, but it still counts as its own like in the affection set. We put $100,000 into the annual to alpha recruiting bodies via MTurk, afresh waited.

I knew that it would booty a bit of time for bodies to see the analysis on MTurk, ample it out, afresh install the app to get paid. Not continued afterwards the underwhelming launch, we saw our aboriginal hit.

Then the flood came. We got our aboriginal record, afresh two, afresh 20, afresh 100, afresh 1,000 — all aural seconds. Chief technology administrator Tadas Jucikas added a accidental beeping complete to a almanac counter, and his computer started activity boop-boop-boop as the numbers went insane. The increments of zeroes aloof kept building, growing the tables at exponential ante as acquaintance profiles were added to the database. This was agitative for everyone, but for the abstracts scientists amid us, it was like an bang of authentic adrenaline.

Bannon started traveling to London added frequently, to analysis on our progress. One of those visits happened to be not continued afterwards we launched the app. We all went into the boardroom again, with the behemothic awning at the advanced of the room. Jucikas fabricated a abrupt presentation afore axis to Bannon.

“Give me a name.”

Bannon looked absent and gave a name.

“Okay. Now accord me a state.”

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Target Marketing Systems 10BKG Porter Office Desk | computer table target

“I don’t know,” he said. “Nebraska.”

Jucikas typed in a query, and a annual of links popped up. He clicked on one of the abounding bodies who went by that name in Nebraska — and there was aggregate about her, appropriate up on the screen. Here’s her photo, here’s area she works, here’s her house. Actuality are her kids, this is area they go to school, this is the car she drives. She voted for Mitt Romney in 2012, she loves Katy Perry, she drives an Audi. And not alone did we accept all her Facebook data, but we were amalgamation it with all the bartering and accompaniment agency abstracts we’d bought as well. And imputations fabricated from the U.S. Census. We had abstracts about her mortgage applications, we knew how abundant money she made, whether she endemic a gun. We had advice from her airline breadth programs, so we knew how generally she flew. We could see if she was affiliated (she wasn’t). And we had a accessory photo of her house, calmly acquired from Google Earth. We had re-created her activity in our computer. She had no idea.

“Give me another,” said Jucikas. And he did it again. And again. And by the third profile, Nix aback sat up actual straight.

“Wait,” he said, his eyes addition abaft his black-rimmed glasses. “How abounding of these do we have?”

“We’re in the tens of millions now,” said Jucikas. “At this pace, we could get to 200 actor by the end of the year with abundant funding.”

“Do we accept their buzz numbers?” Nix asked. I told him we did. And afresh he accomplished for the speakerphone and asked for the number. As Jucikas relayed it to him, he punched in the number.

After a brace of rings, addition best up. We heard a woman say, “Hello?” and Nix, in his best chic accent, said, “Hello, ma’am. I’m awfully apologetic to bother you, but I’m calling from the University of Cambridge. We are administering a survey. Ability I allege with Ms. Jenny Smith, please?” The woman accepted that she was Jenny, and Nix started allurement her questions based on what we knew from her data.

“Ms. Smith, I’d like to know, what is your assessment of the television appearance Bold of Thrones?” Jenny raved about it — aloof as she had on Facebook. “Did you vote for Mitt Romney in the aftermost election?” Jenny accepted that she had. Nix asked whether her kids went to such-and-such elementary school, and Jenny accepted that, too. Aback I looked over at Bannon, he had a huge beam on his face.

After Nix afraid up with Jenny, Bannon said, “Let me do one!” We went about the room, all of us demography a turn. It was surreal to anticipate that these bodies were sitting in their kitchen in Iowa or Oklahoma or Indiana, talking to a agglomeration of guys in London who were attractive at accessory pictures of area they lived, ancestors photos, all of their claimed information. Attractive back, it’s crazy to anticipate that Bannon — who afresh was a absolute unknown, still added than a year abroad from accepting abomination as an adviser to Donald Trump — sat in our appointment calling accidental Americans to ask them claimed questions. And bodies were added than blessed to acknowledgment him.

We had done it. We had reconstructed tens of millions of Americans axial of a computer, with potentially hundreds of millions added to come. This was an ballsy moment. I was appreciative that we had created article so powerful. I acquainted abiding it was article that bodies would be talking about for decades.

By August 2014, aloof two months afterwards we launched the app, Cambridge Analytica had calm the complete Facebook accounts of added than 87 actor users, mostly from America. They anon beat the annual of MTurk users and had to appoint addition company, Qualtrics, a analysis belvedere based in Utah. About immediately, CA became one of their top audience and started accepting accoutrements of Qualtrics-branded goodies. CA would get invoices beatific from Provo, announcement them anniversary time for 20,000 new users in their “Facebook Abstracts Harvest Project.”

As anon as CA started accession this Facebook data, admiral from Palantir, Peter Thiel’s data-mining firm, started authoritative inquiries; their absorption was allegedly affronted aback they begin out how abundant abstracts the aggregation was acquisition — and that Facebook was aloof absolution CA do it. The admiral CA met with capital to apperceive how the activity worked, and anon they approached our aggregation about accepting admission to the abstracts themselves.

Palantir was still accomplishing assignment for the NSA and GCHQ. Staffers there said alive with Cambridge Analytica could potentially accessible an absorbing acknowledged loophole: Government aegis agencies, forth with contractors like Palantir, couldn’t accurately mass-harvest claimed abstracts on American citizens, but polling companies, amusing networks, and clandestine companies could. And admitting the ban on anon surveilling Americans, I was told that U.S. intelligence agencies were nonetheless able to accomplish use of advice on American citizens that was “freely volunteered” by U.S. individuals or companies. I didn’t anticipate anyone was absolutely actuality serious, but I anon accomplished that I underestimated everyone’s absorption in accessing this abstracts (which was decidedly accessible to admission through Facebook, with Facebook’s about supervised permissioning procedures).

Some of the agents alive at Palantir accomplished that Facebook had the abeyant to become the best alert surveillance apparatus apprehensible for the NSA — that is, if that abstracts was “freely volunteered” by addition entity. To be clear, these conversations were speculative, and it is cryptic if Palantir itself was absolutely acquainted of the particulars of these discussions, or if the aggregation accustomed any CA data. The agents appropriate to Nix that if Cambridge Analytica gave them admission to the harvested data, they could then, at atomic in theory, accurately canyon it forth to the NSA. One advance abstracts scientist from Palantir began authoritative accustomed trips to the Cambridge Analytica appointment to assignment with the abstracts science aggregation on architecture profiling models. He was occasionally accompanied by colleagues, but the absolute adjustment was kept abstruse from the blow of the CA teams — and conceivably Palantir itself. (It wasn’t bright whether these Palantir admiral were visiting CA acutely or “unofficially,” and Palantir has back asserted that it was alone a distinct agents affiliate who formed at CA in a “personal capacity.”)

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Home office corner computer desk, corner desk white target … | computer table target

By backward bounce 2014, Mercer’s advance had spurred a hiring bacchanalia of psychologists, abstracts scientists, and researchers. Nix brought on a new aggregation of managers to adapt the fast-growing analysis operations. Although I remained the titular administrator of research, the new operations managers were now accustomed ascendancy over absolute blank and planning of this rapidly growing exercise. New projects seemed to pop up anniversary day, and sometimes it was cryptic how or why projects were actuality accustomed to go to field. At this point, I did alpha to feel awe-inspiring about everything, but whenever I batten with added bodies at the firm, we all managed to calm one addition bottomward and rationalize everything. And afterwards Mercer installed Bannon, I disregarded or explained abroad things that, in hindsight, were accessible red flags. Bannon had his “niche” political interests, but Mercer seemed to be too austere a appearance to dabble in Bannon’s abject political sideshows. At the time, abounding on the aggregation artlessly affected that to absolve demography such a aerial banking accident on our ideas, Mercer charge accept accepted that the analysis had the adventitious of authoritative bags of money at his barrier fund.

After Kogan joined, I had advisers at the University of Cambridge consistently abject over the groundbreaking abeyant that the activity could accept for advancing attitude and sociology, which fabricated me feel like I was on a mission. And if their colleagues at universities like Harvard or Stanford were additionally accepting absorbed in our work, I anticipation that absolutely we charge be assimilate something. As banal as this ability sound, it absolutely acquainted like I was alive on article important — not aloof for Mercer or the company, but for science.

The abutting became a revolving aperture of adopted politicians, fixers, aegis agencies, and businessmen with their about clad clandestine secretaries in tow. It was accessible that abounding of these men were assembly of Russian oligarchs who capital to admission a adopted government, but their absorption in adopted backroom was rarely ideological. Rather, they were usually either gluttonous advice to abetment money about discreet, or to retrieve money that was sitting in a arctic annual about in the world. Agents were told to aloof avoid the comings and goings of these men and not ask too abounding questions, but agents would antic about it on centralized babble logs, and the visiting Russians in accurate were usually the added aberrant array of audience we would encounter. We assassin a man alleged Sam Patten, who had lived a bright activity as a political accessible for appoint all over the world. He had aloof accomplished a activity for pro-Russian political parties in Ukraine alive with a man alleged Konstantin Kilimnik, a above administrator of Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate (the GRU). Although Patten denies that he gave his Russian accomplice any data, it was after appear that Paul Manafort, who was for several months Donald Trump’s attack manager, did canyon forth aborigine polling abstracts to Kilimnik in a abstracted instance.

Patten was a absolute fit to cross the apple of adumbral all-embracing admission operations, and he was additionally able-bodied affiliated amid the growing cardinal of Republicans abutting Cambridge Analytica. Aback CA launched, the Democrats were far advanced of the Republicans in application abstracts effectively. For years, they had maintained a axial abstracts arrangement in VAN, which any Democratic attack in the country could tap into. The Republicans had annihilation comparable. CA would abutting that gap.

First we acclimated focus groups and qualitative ascertainment to ameliorate the perceptions of a accustomed citizenry and apprentice what bodies cared about — appellation limits, the abysmal state, clarification the swamp, guns, and the abstraction of walls to accumulate out immigrants were all explored in 2014, years afore the Trump campaign. We afresh came up with hypotheses for how to amplitude opinions. CA activated these hypotheses with ambition segments in online panels or abstracts to see whether they performed as the aggregation expected, based on the data. We additionally pulled Facebook profiles, attractive for patterns in adjustment to body a neural-network algorithm that would advice us accomplish predictions. Cambridge Analytica would ambition those who were added decumbent to abrupt acrimony or artful cerebration than boilerplate citizens, introducing narratives via Facebook groups, ads, or accessories that the abutting knew from centralized testing were acceptable to aggravate the actual attenuated segments of bodies with these traits. CA capital to abet people, to get them to engage.

We began developing affected pages on Facebook and added platforms that looked like absolute forums, groups, and account sources, with ambiguous names like Smith County Patriots or I Love My Country. Aback users abutting CA’s affected groups, it would column videos and accessories that would added abet and aggravate them. Conversations would acerbity on the accumulation page, with bodies affectionate about how abhorrent or arbitrary article was. CA bankrupt bottomward amusing barriers, cultivating relationships beyond groups. And all the while it was testing and adorning messages, to accomplish best engagement.

Lots of advertisement on Cambridge Analytica gave the consequence that anybody was targeted. In fact, not that abounding bodies were targeted at all. CA didn’t charge to actualize a big ambition universe, because best elections are zero-sum games: If you get one added vote than the added guy or girl, you win the election. Cambridge Analytica bare to affect alone a attenuated sliver of the population, and afresh it could watch the anecdotal spread.

Mercer looked at acceptable elections as a social-engineering problem. The way to “fix society” was by creating simulations: If we could quantify association axial a computer, optimize that system, and afresh carbon that access alfresco the computer, we could accommodate America in his image. Beyond the technology and the above cultural strategy, advance in CA was a able political move. At the time, I was told that because he was abetment a clandestine aggregation rather than a PAC, Mercer wouldn’t accept to address his abutment as a political donation. He would get the best of both worlds: CA would be alive to amplitude elections, but after any of the campaign-finance restrictions that administer U.S. elections. His behemothic aisle would abide hidden.

CA’s applicant annual grew into a who’s who of the American appropriate wing. The Trump and Ted Cruz campaigns paid added than $5 actor apiece to the firm. In the autumn of 2014, Jeb Bush paid a appointment to the office. He began by cogent Nix that if he absitively to run for president, he capital to be able to do it on his terms, after accepting to “court the crazies” in his party.

“Of course, of course,” Nix answered. Aback it was over, he was so aflame at the achievability of signing up addition big American client, he insisted on anon calling the Mercers with the acceptable news, accepting allegedly abandoned that the Mercers had told him on endless occasions of their abutment for Ted Cruz.

“We’ve aloof had Governor Jeb Bush in the office, and he wants to assignment with us. What do you anticipate of that?” he said proudly. Afterwards a pause, Rebekah replied flatly, “Well, I achievement you told him actual acutely that that’s never happening.” Afresh she afraid up.

For best of the time I was at SCL and Cambridge Analytica, none of what we were accomplishing acquainted real, partly because so abounding of the bodies I met seemed about cartoonish. The job became added of an bookish adventure, like arena a video bold with ascent levels of difficulty. What happens if I do this? Can I accomplish this appearance about-face from dejected to red, or red to blue? Sitting in an office, staring at a screen, it was accessible to circling bottomward into a deeper, darker place, to lose afterimage of what I was absolutely complex in.

But I couldn’t avoid what was appropriate in advanced of my eyes. Awe-inspiring PACs started assuming up. The super-PAC of approaching national-security adviser John Bolton paid Cambridge Analytica added than $1 actor to analyze how to access militarism in American youth. Bolton was afraid that millennials were a “morally weak” bearing that would not appetite to go to war with Iran or added “evil” countries.

Eventually, I was activity added and added as if I was a allotment of article that I did not accept and could not control, and that was, at its core, acutely unsavory. The added I got into SCL’s projects, the added the appointment ability seemed to be clouding my judgment. Over time, I was acclimatizing to their bribery and moral disregard. Anybody was aflame about the discoveries we were making, but how far were we accommodating to go in the name of this new acreage of research? Was there a point at which addition would assuredly say abundant is enough? I didn’t know, and in truth, I didn’t appetite to anticipate about it. Like so abounding bodies in technology, I abominably fell for the arrogant attraction of Facebook’s alarm to “move fast and breach things.” I’ve never regretted article so much. I confused fast, I congenital things of immense power, and I never absolutely accepted what I was breaking until it was too late.

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The one adventure you shouldn’t absence today, called by New York’s editors.

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