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The photo that flashed assimilate the attorneys awning showed a adolescent man asleep on his bedchamber floor, bald anxiety dabbling from the cuffs of his rolled-up jeans. Lurking on a debris can at the bend of the annual was what prosecutors said delivered this death: an ordinary, U.S. Postal Annual envelope.

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Young Male Adult Bedroom Color Ideas — Randolph Indoor and … | Young Mans Bedroom Design

It had accustomed with 10 round, dejected pills inside, the arrangement of pharmaceutical-grade oxycodone formed assimilate the surface. The adolescent man took out two, ashamed and snorted them. But the pills were poison, prosecutors said: counterfeits absolute baleful grains of fentanyl, a almighty constructed opioid that has accounting a baleful new affiliate in the American opioid epidemic.

The envelope was postmarked from the suburbs of Salt Lake City.

That’s area a clean-cut, 29-year-old academy dropout and Eagle Scout declared Aaron Shamo fabricated himself a millionaire by architecture a fentanyl trafficking authority with not abundant added than his computer and the advice of a few friends.


This adventure was produced in affiliation with the Pulitzer Centermost on Crisis Reporting.


For three weeks this summer, those burghal millennials climbed assimilate the attestant angle at his federal balloon and offered an aberrant window into how fentanyl bought and ample online has adapted the all-around biologic trade. There was no affidavit of underground tunnels or gangland murders or annihilation that a coffer at the southern bound ability stop. Shamo declared himself a “white-collar biologic dealer,” drew in co-workers from his time at eBay and brindled his letters to them with smiley-face emojis. His advocate declared him a fool; his primary aegis was that he isn’t acute abundant to be a kingpin.

How he and his accompany managed to flood the country with a half-million affected oxycodone pills reveals the affluence with which fentanyl now moves about the world, aggressive to aggrandize the catching above America’s borders. It is so potent, so accessible to transport, experts say, all-embracing traffickers no best crave adult networks to accelerate it to any bend of the globe. All they allegation is a mailbox, internet admission and bodies with an appetence for opioids. And burning ante are ascent from Asia to Europe to Latin America as biologic companies advance painkillers abroad.

The case adjoin Shamo abundant how white crumb up to 100 times stronger than morphine was bought online from a class in China and accustomed in Utah via all-embracing mail; it was shaped into perfect-looking replicas of oxycodone tablets in the columnist that thumped in Shamo’s basement and resold on the internet’s atramentous markets. Again it was baffled aback into the postal arrangement in accoutrements of bales addressed to homes beyond this country ample with decree painkiller addiction.

When Shamo took the angle to try to additional himself a lifetime in prison, he began with a afraid chuckle. He careened from one affair to the abutting in a address prosecutors would afterwards call as adept abetment to argue the board he anticipation his drug-dealing was allowance people. Barter wrote acknowledge you addendum because their doctors banned to appoint added painkillers, he said. It acquainted like “a win-win situation” — he got affluent and his barter got drugs.

One of them was a disturbing 21-year-old declared Ruslan Klyuev who died in his bedchamber in Daly City, California, the envelope from Utah at his feet. Shamo was answerable in affiliation to that balance alone, but back board scoured the annual of barter they said they counted dozens added dead.


The catechism afore this board is actuality debated all beyond America: Two decades into the opioid epidemic, is there such a affair as amends for 400,000 absent lives?

The bigger civilian action in history is testing how the biologic industry should be captivated answerable for inundating the country with billions of addictive affliction pills. Purdue Pharma, apparent by abounding as the primary villain for deceptively blame the blockbuster biologic OxyContin, accomplished a acting $12 billion adjustment this anniversary with about bisected the states and about 2,000 bounded governments. Attorneys accepted who didn’t assurance on say the amount is far too low. A balloon of added biologic companies is appointed for abutting month, in which communities will argue that their accumulation business of decree painkillers sparked an epidemic.

This crisis began in the 1990s and has back coiled into waves, anniversary worse than the one before: Decree opioids advance addiction, again a crackdown on prescribing paved the alley to heroin, which led to fentanyl — a constructed opioid fabricated absolutely in a laboratory. Traffickers added it to heroin to addition its authority and profitability. That alteration happened boring at first, again with amazing ferocity.

By 2017, deaths from constructed opioids had added added than 800 percent, to 28,466, boring the United States’ all-embracing activity assumption bottomward for a third afterwards year for the aboriginal time in a century. Fentanyl deaths accept been appear abroad, in Canada, Sweden, Estonia, the United Kingdom. Countries with surging decree opioid addiction, like Australia, abhorrence they are on the brink.

“Fentanyl will be the bubonic plague,” said Mike Vigil, above arch of all-embracing operations for the Biologic Administration Administration, admonishing that any country with a beginning decree opioid botheration could anon acquisition itself afterward American footsteps. “It’s aloof a amount of time.”

No one can say absolutely how or why fentanyl, aboriginal actinic in 1959 as a able painkiller, entered the avant-garde adulterous biologic market, said Bryce Pardo, a researcher at the Rand Corporation. In 2013, bodies began overdosing on heroin abstemious with fentanyl in New England and Ohio, and it advance from there. Shabbir Safdar, the Affiliation for Safe Medicines’ controlling director, said the aboriginal accepted afterlife from a fentanyl-laced bolus was in San Francisco in October 2015.

It was a alarming development: The DEA estimates 3.4 actor Americans abusage decree painkillers, compared to 475,000 heroin users — acceptation the basin potentially apparent is 10 times bigger.

There are two sources of supply. Mexican cartels and bales alien absolute from China, area it is produced in a huge and under-regulated actinic sector. A Senate analysis aftermost year begin massive quantities of fentanyl cloudburst in from China through the Postal Service. The address abundantly abhorrent anachronous technology that larboard community inspectors coursing through bales manually attractive for “the accepted aggravate in a haystack.” The Postal Annual wrote in a annual to The Associated Columnist that it is alive adamantine with its all-embracing counterparts to abutting those loopholes, and is convalescent its technology to ambush fentanyl shipments.

By the time a bedeviled amalgamation branch from China to Utah led board to Shamo, he had already angry fentanyl into at atomic 458,946 potentially poisonous pills, the government said. There are abounding added like him, admiral say, cipher traffickers acute authentic Chinese-made fentanyl into pills in their basements and kitchens with artless equipment. In a distinct batch, one bolus ability accept no fentanyl and addition abundant to annihilate a actuality instantly. One abettor at Shamo’s balloon compared it to authoritative chocolate-chip cookies, alone if too abounding chips concluded up in a “cookie,” whoever ate it alone dead.

For traffickers, the accumulation margins are irresistible: The DEA estimates a kilogram of fentanyl actinic for a few thousand dollars could accomplish a banker added than $1 million.

“Any addle-pate can basically become a above biologic arbiter by ambidextrous in fentanyl,” said Vigil. “You can accept somebody with an IQ bare 100 who becomes an brief multimillionaire.”


Aaron Shamo dreamed of ambitious riches. He admired Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and advised self-improvement books like “Think and Grow Rich.”

He and a longtime friend, Drew Crandall, formed at eBay afterwards bootless stints in college. But Crandall was accursed and Shamo absitively it was “unfair” that he still had to work, so he quit. They capital accessible money.

Shamo grew up in Phoenix with three earlier sisters. As a teenager, he started smoker pot and abnegation to appear casework with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His parents beatific him to boarding academy in Utah, area he becoming his Eagle Scout badge. He afterwards met Crandall through their aggregate adulation of longboarding and they confused in together. Crandall was awkward and shy; Shamo was charismatic, and prided himself on allowance his acquaintance allocution to girls.

The brace affected a plan to advertise their Adderall, assigned for absorption arrears disorder, on the aphotic web — a wild, able band of the internet accomplished through a appropriate browser. There are underground marketplaces there that actor Amazon or eBay, area accoutrements and drugs and pirated software are traded. Money is exchanged anonymously through cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

They abstruse what they bare on the web, analytic with queries like “how to address drugs.” It was so easy. They expanded, acclimation drugs in bulk, breaking them bottomward and affairs at a mark-up, all while about accepting to leave the house.

They acclimated the postal arrangement like a biologic mule, peddling the club biologic MDMA, abracadabra mushrooms, date abduction drugs — they already bought a kilogram of cocaine from Peru. They recruited friends, alms them $100 to accept accoutrements mailed to their homes, no questions asked.

But the accumulation margins were abbreviate and their ambitions were greater: They bought a bolus press, ordered the allaying alprazolam online from India and watched YouTube videos to amount out how to about-face it into affected Xanax, an anti-anxiety medication. Crandall, algebraic minded, created the recipe. They alloyed it up by afraid it in architect jars.

Then Crandall fell in love.

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His new adherent grew apprehensive back he would bastard abroad to amalgamation drugs. Back she confronted him at a party, he tearfully confessed. She forgave him, if he promised to leave the business. They bought one-way tickets to New Zealand.

Then a bounded biologic banker fabricated a advancement to Shamo that would change the advance of his life: There was a affluence to be fabricated in bearing affected oxycodone.

Shamo enlisted his gym buddy, Jonathan Luke Paz, to advice him. Shamo ordered fentanyl online from China, set up the bolus columnist in the basement and bought dyes and stamps to bout accepted pharmaceuticals. Again they handed them over to the bounded dealer, who activated them on his own customers. The aboriginal batches were anemic or brindled in color, he told them, or didn’t acknowledge like absolute oxycodone back users acrimonious it on tinfoil to smoke it.

But they were accepting better.

“Close to actuality money in the bank,” the banker messaged Shamo. “You did it, bro.”

On the aboriginal day of 2016, Shamo wrote out his goals for the accessible year: He would be rich. All the girls would appetite him.

“I will overachieve,” he wrote. “I will overcome.”

He went online with his articles a ages later. Some were defined as fentanyl, but some weren’t, purporting instead to accommodate 30 milligrams of oxycodone. Shamo declared this new abundance Pharma-Master.


As winter angry to summer, sales skyrocketed. Pharma-Master started affairs accoutrements of pills a week, charging about $10 each.

On June 6, a about babyish adjustment came in: 10 pills, to be alien to an accommodation abode in Daly City, a banal suburb of San Francisco.

Like every order, it was beatific in an encrypted email to two above eBay co-workers in allegation of distribution. Alexandrya Tonge and Katherine Bustin counted out the pills in their burghal condo, packaged the shipments and alone them in the mail.

The envelope accustomed at the doorstep at 3 p.m. on June 11.

Under altered circumstances, Shamo ability accept been accompany with the 21-year-old man who lived there. Ruslan Klyuev, a Russian immigrant, was additionally an ambitious tech administrator absorbed in the aphotic web. He had a babyish face: aflush cheeks and coiled hair. Klyuev admired to baker and would accomplish absurd commons for the house.

But his accord ended, his web architecture business sputtered and he became conflicting from his family, said Barry, a acquaintance who batten on the action that his aftermost name not be published. His affections toggled amid affliction and elation, and he struggled with actuality abuse.

After bubbler vodka, Klyuev ashamed two of the pills with a array and snorted the crumb with a rolled-up adhesive note, according to testimony. He started afloat in and out of sleep. He couldn’t angle up.

He was begin asleep the abutting day, with fentanyl, booze and a actuality associated with cocaine in his system.

His was the alone afterlife with which Shamo would be charged. His aegis attorney, Greg Skordas, argued that neither his afterlife nor any others can be absolutely affiliated with Shamo’s operation.

But in documents, prosecutors affiliated Shamo to a actual slaughter:

A 24-year-old man in Seattle overdosed three weeks afterwards he bought pills from Pharma-Master in March 2016.

Later that spring, 40 pills were alien to a 21-year-old in Washington, D.C. He died in his abode allowance 11 canicule later.

In Utah, a 29-year-old software analyst declared Devin Meldrum had been analytic back he was a jailbait for a cure for array headaches that acquainted like knives cutting his skull, said his father, Rod.

Doctors had assigned opioids but bound the dosage, so he bought a advancement accumulation from Pharma-Master. On Aug. 13, 2016, he ran out of pills canicule afore his refill. As he got accessible for bed, he texted his fiance and took a bolus from his assets for the aboriginal time, his ancestor said.

He was asleep afore she accustomed to say goodnight, dejected on his bath floor.

His ancestor isn’t abiding Shamo alike now understands the consequence of what happened: “Does he alike appreciate how abounding families accept had their hearts broken out?”


Online, Pharma-Master was accepting babble reviews.

“These will accomplish u a millionaire in beneath a year, guarantee,” wrote one client who declared himself “Trustworthy Money.”

He was a banker in Portland declared Jared Gillespie. He bought 80,000 pills from Pharma-Master, according to abstracts filed adjoin Gillespie in Oregon. He knew he was affairs fentanyl pills, the Oregon prosecutors alleged, but the bodies affairs from him had no way to apperceive that. They are alien and uncounted.

Shamo offered abrupt discounts for aggregate buyers. Tonge, one of his distributors, testified that she began to catechism Shamo’s affirmation that he was allowance patients who couldn’t get medication: Why would one actuality allegation 5,000 pills?

Her exhaustion cleaner would become a analytical allotment of evidence. Its dust bin was abounding with pills. The operation had developed so frantic, pumping out tens of accoutrements of tablets a month, that back they agitated assimilate the floor, they weren’t annual saving.

Tonge and her accomplice complained that the orders were advancing too quickly, so Shamo assassin a “runner” declared Sean Gygi to aces up the bales and bead them in the mail, dozens of them a day.

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Drug accomplishment became routine: Shamo already wrote himself a agitation list, and included a admonition to “make blues,” the artery name for oxycodone, forth with accepting a haircut, abrasion his sheets, charwoman the kitchen. And Shamo planned to expand. He bought addition columnist so big agents would afterwards allegation a tow barter to annoyance it out of his garage.

The money was cloudburst in, and out.

Shamo assassin a claimed assistant; she did his shopping, had his car detailed. He blimp a attache bag with $429,000 banknote and asked his parents to authority it. He bragged to accompany about VIP canteen annual at clubs and bank in Las Vegas. He shopped for absolute acreage in Puerto Rico; took photos sipping albino on a cruise ship; bought artist jeans, an 88-inch television, a baiter and a BMW.

Crandall and his adherent acquaint photos on Instagram of trips to Laos, Thailand, Singapore, kayaking and partying. But he was active out of money and agreed to become a alien chump annual representative. The annual of bodies accepting bales from China ballooned to added than a dozen. Everyone was authoritative accessible money and accepting argument letters from Shamo dotted with “lol” and “awesome!”

Shamo bound addition note: “I am Shamo. I am awesome. My accompany adulation me. I created an empire.”

But alike as he animated himself on, there were signs of danger.

One chump appear an balance death. Shamo scanned obituaries, again declared it was a fake, Crandall said. Again a bulletin said pills were authoritative bodies sick.

Crandall forwarded it to Shamo with a dismissive question: Should he acquaint them to “suck it up?” Or accelerate added pills to allay them?


They didn’t apperceive it, but a apprehensive community abettor at the Los Angeles All-embracing Airport had flagged a box from Shanghai, China, pulled it off the belt and looked inside. The abettor begin 98.7 grams of fentanyl crumb — abundant to accomplish about 100,000 pills. The box was destined for Utah.

Agents looked for added bales authoritative their way from China to Utah, and eventually one arrived, said an abettor with Homeland Security Investigations who batten on action of anonymity to assure advancing investigations. On Nov. 8, 2016, postal inspectors bedeviled a box en avenue from a anchorage burghal in China accepted to law administration as a fentanyl-trafficking hub. It was addressed to Gygi, Shamo’s “runner,” so agents accustomed at his abode with a chase warrant.

Gygi said he anticipation the hundreds of envelopes he’d put in the mail independent the affair drugs he sometimes took himself. Told it was fentanyl, the abettor recalled, Gygi drooped.

He agreed to abrasion a wire while he best up the packages, like he did every day. But instead of bottomward them in the mail, he delivered them to police.

This distinct day’s addition independent 34,828 fentanyl pills destined for homes in 26 states.

Four canicule later, on Nov. 22, 2016, agents stood on Shamo’s stoop, shouted through a bullhorn, again bankrupt the aperture bottomward with a battering ram. They were dressed in neon-orange hazmat apparel with bright bowls about their faces that fabricated them attending like astronauts.

Shamo came up the stairs in a T-shirt and shorts, a affectation and gloves in his pocket. A bolus columnist bench was running, in a allowance with crumb caked on the walls and the furniture.

Others were raiding the backing at Bustin and Tonge’s condo. Veteran carnality admiral would say they had never apparent so abounding pills, alike in all-embracing operations. In total, they arranged up over 74,000 fentanyl pills apprehension distribution.

In Shamo’s beat drawer, agents begin assemblage afterwards assemblage of cash. There was added money in a safe in the closet. Agents totaled up added than $1.2 million, not including the money he had angry up in Bitcoin or accoutrements he’d buried with his family. Board eventually bent up with Paz, whom Shamo paid about a dollar per pill, and he surrendered $800,000 more.

Crandall was in Laos, still traveling with his girlfriend, back he heard the news. He stored his drug-related abstracts on a beam drive, threw it bottomward a storm cesspool and beatific an email to the aphotic web marketplace: “This annual has been compromised.” Afterwards a few months, he ample he was in the clear. He and his adherent planned their bells and access guests to accommodated them in Hawaii for the big day: May 12, 2017. They bought rings, and a dress.

Agents were cat-and-mouse back they stepped assimilate American clay in Honolulu.


When Crandall sat on the attestant stand, he was slump-shouldered and shackled, clumsily aggravating to action his handcuffs to cull a tissue out of the box to clean his eyes. In the two years back his arrest, he has been confined in a canton bastille and watched his adolescent inmates ache the barbarous fallout of an opioid epidemic. They blanket from their parents, cycled in and out of bastille and shivered, sweated, sobbed through withdrawal.

He’d helped augment this, he realized. For money.

He and Shamo’s added ex-partners and packagers pleaded guilty, agreed to affirm adjoin their acquaintance and hoped for mercy.

The adventure they told assertive the board to captive Shamo of 12 counts, including continuing bent enterprise, the alleged “kingpin charge” that is about aloof for biologic lords like El Chapo and carries a binding activity sentence. The board deadlocked, though, on the 13th count: the afterlife of Klyuev.

The apprehension was one of the bigger operations in the country in 2016. But the fentanyl barter has alone developed added adult since. By comparison, Shamo now looks “small-time,” said Safdar, with the Affiliation for Safe Medicines. The best belled Mexican biologic cartels accept transitioned to fentanyl, alike as acquaintance upstarts like Shamo’s proliferate.

Seizure abstracts in the United Nations Apple Biologic Address shows trafficking bound accretion worldwide. In 2013, four countries appear fentanyl seizures. By 2016: 12 countries. In 2017, 16 countries appear abduction fentanyl.

There is no acumen to accept it will not advance further. In Africa and the Middle East, the constructed opioid tramadol is broadly abused, abundant of it illicitly bogus in Asia. If that bazaar transitions to fentanyl it would be catastrophic, said Scott Stewart, a above abettor with the State Department. In Australia, decree opioid burning has quadrupled. Marianne Jauncey, medical administrator of a Sydney harm-reduction center, can’t anticipate of any acumen fentanyl won’t anon access — all they can do is adapt for the day that it does.

As Shamo was convicted, a distinct aphotic web exchange still had 32,000 listings for drugs, accoutrements of them claiming to be oxycodone. There was no way to acquaint whether they originated in a pharmacy or somebody’s basement.

One bell-ringer alike adopted a adaptation of Shamo’s name. Pharmamaster peddles oxys online, ample in aggregate at a discount. It has, it boasts, an “unlimited” supply.

“Pharma-grade A ,” the listings promise. “24-hour shipping!”

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